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Dear visitor! We welcome you to the website of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine, which was established in October 2005 at a general meeting of representatives of reproductive medicine clinics in Lviv. The Association brings together in its ranks specialists in various fields of medicine, biology, laboratory, paramedics, lawyers and other specialists who are directly engaged in human reproduction or provide this process. Membership in the association is collective and individual. Today, it features almost all health care facilities that deal with assisted reproductive technologies, regardless of ownership, and individually, obstetricians, gynecologists, urologists, embryologists, biologists, laboratory assistants, and other human reproduction specialists. Participation in the association is voluntary, its work is regulated by the Charter. Annual general meetings of members of the Association and scientific and practical forums are held. The Association has a Bureau, which includes representatives of all healthcare facilities involved in DRT, and a Board of 6 members. In the period between the annual meetings of the Association, the issue of the Association's activities shall be resolved by the Bureau and the Board, which shall meet as necessary. The association has a team of UARM committees and collagists who prepare issues for consideration at the Presidium, the Board, and the general meeting. The Association works closely with the profile associations of many continents and countries such as ESHRE, ASRM, ESPIRE, KARM and others. Only joint efforts of scientists and practitioners will improve the reproductive health of the population of Ukraine, will open up new opportunities for new generations of Ukrainians to plan a healthy and strong family. Already today, together we can improve the future of our country!

Yours sincerely, UARM President O. Yuzko




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